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2019 Timbersled ARO™ 120


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ARO™ 120



The ultimate do-everything snow bike

The Timbersled® ARO™ 120 turns riders into explorers. With its high-flotation 120" track and sharp-handling Traverse Ski, the ARO™ 120 is at home in the powder, on a steep sidehill, and cornering on hard-pack. It's the ultimate do-everything snow bike system.

  • 120" Timbersled Traverse Track™
  • Timbersled Traverse Ski™
  • FOX® ZERO Pro® Shocks
  • Spindle
  • EK X-Ring Chain
  • Best Handling For Unmatched Rider Confidence and Control: The state-of-the art Timbersled ARO™ platform combines the Timbersled Traverse Ski™ and Timbersled Traverse Track™ with an aluminum chassis for precise handling in all conditions plus improved deep snow lift.
  • Timbersled ARO™ Platform: The narrow and agile chassis enhances handling and minimizes rider fatigue so you can go further, longer. The Timbersled ARO™ also features a raised drive shaft to improve lift to get the bike on top of the snow quicker.
  • Timbersled ARO™ Rear Suspension: The rear suspension combined with the raised drive shaft allows the Timbersled ARO™ to mimic the feel and performance of your dirt bike. The suspension design delivers 30% more front track shock travel and 2" more overall suspension travel. The track approach angle is optimized for improved lift in deep snow. FOX® ZERO Pro® shocks come standard.
  • 1:1 Ski to Track Ratio: The consistent 11.5" width of the ski and track allows for more confident handling. The track follows the line established by the ski for precise sidehilling and carving.
  • Timbersled Traverse Ski™ & Traverse Track™: Skags and tri-keel ski shape provide a better grip and precise handling. Ski allows for better lean angles on hard-pack and more control in deep snow. 120" track features optimized window placement and an adjusted gear ratio to increase track speed and more power on the snow. With better climbing and increased traction, this track design is easier to lean and steer.
  • Timbersled® TRIO™: The ultimate in performance, handling and control. This supplemental front shock is available as an accessory, is easy to bolt on for snow bike use, and quick to remove when you convert back to dirt bike mode.
  • Timbersled® Suspension Strut (TSS) Install Kit: Easily adjustable for all riding styles, the TSS Install Kit provides up to 70% more rear suspension travel and restores your dirt bike's natural suspension feel and pivot point.
  • Easiest To Convert With the Industry's Fastest Installation: Spend more time riding and less time going from dirt to snow. The direct bolt-on system and design mean that no bike or air box modifications are required. The bolt-on spindle is fast and easy with no drilling needed. Pre-bled brakes provide confident brake performance.
  • Direct Bolt-On System: No bike or air box modifications are needed thanks to the Timbersled ARO™ direct bolt-on system and design.
  • Pre-Bled Brakes: The pre-bled brake system combined with no modifications needed for install translate to quicker, easier conversions from dirt to snow and back again.
  • Timbersled ARO™ Spindle: Save time with no drilling required. The Timbersled ARO™ spindle is a universal design for all bike brands.
  • Timbersled® Tough Proven Performance in the Toughest Terrain: Strong where it needs to be and light where it can be, the Timbersled ARO™ is the top choice of athletes and extreme backcountry riders. The aluminum chassis provides lightweight strength for increased durability without sacrificing performance.
  • Engineered Toughness: The Timbersled ARO™ is the top choice of racers as they dominate the race tracks thanks to its ultimate toughness.
  • Aluminum Frame and Extruded Frame Rails: Aluminum frame is both strong and lightweight. Extruded frame rails provide increased durability.
  • Shielded Brake System: Complete, pre-bled brake system with shielded design for consistent braking performance across all bike brands and weather conditions.
Engine & Drivetrain
  • Chain Case Chain: EK520 SRX2 52 Link (continuous)
  • Chain Slider: Standard
  • Disc Brake Type: Wilwood Hydraulic Dual Piston
  • Drive Chain: EK520 SRX2 70 Link (master link)
  • Drive Shaft Sprocket: 17 tooth - 15t spline
  • Lower Chain Case Sprocket: 17 tooth - 15t spline
  • Upper Chain Case Sprocket: 18 tooth - 15t spline
  • Estimated Dry Weight - Front (lbs/kg): 16.0 / 7.25
  • Estimated Dry Weight - Rear (lbs/kg): 111.3 / 50.5
  • Overall Length: 63 in (160 cm)
  • Front Track Shock: FOX® ZERO Pro®
  • Rear Suspension: Timbersled ARO™ Long Travel
  • Rear Track Shock: FOX® ZERO Pro®
  • Rear Travel - Fixed Install Kit (in/cm): 12 / 30.5
  • Rear Travel - TSS Install Kit (in/cm): 20 / 50.8
  • Skag Type: Timbersled Traverse™ Hardened
  • Ski Type: Timbersled Traverse Ski™
  • Track Width/Length/Height (in): 11.5 / 120 / 2.5 Traverse Track™
Additional Features
  • Color / Graphics: Blue / Red / Orange / Black & White
  • Install Kits: Suspension Strut and Fixed Strut
  • Storage Mat: Accessory
  • Storage System: Accessory
Timbersled systems fit a wide range of modern motocross and off-road dirt bikes from the early 90’s to today. Because the Timbersled system is universal, it requires an Installation kit (or fit kit) that is motorcycle specific. The installation kit consists of all the motorcycle specific mounting pieces. See your dealer for details.



Rear Suspension
Timbersled ARO™ Long Travel
Rear Travel
Fixed Install Kit: 12 in. (30.5 cm); TSS Install Kit: 20 in. (50.8 cm)
Ski Type
Timbersled Traverse Ski™
Track Type
Traverse Track™
Track Dimensions
11.5 x 120 x 2.5 in.


Dry Weight
111.3 lb. (50.5 kg)
Blue, Red, Orange, Black & White


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